British White Goose

British White Goose is classified as Emden Goose breed. Emden goose originates from the Emden city in Germany. Emden goose was originally hybrid between Italian white goose and northern Dutch white goose. The body of Emden goose became larger after continuously breeding and developing. Emden goose are now mostly bred in England and North America. The Emden white goose has some special characters such as blue eyes, large body size, orange beaks, shins and webs. The adult Emden goose has white color body with high volume of down content. Like most of European white geese, the baby Emden geese may have different colors on their plumages, but all the plumages will turn white when they grow up. Generally adult male goose weights 9-15kgs,while female goose weights 8-10kgs.