DOWN PLUS is a comprehensive down information system which is solely created and developed by Zhejiang Samsung Down Co., Ltd. Providing traceable information to the client as well as public inquiry is the major mission of DOWN PLUS.

Consumers can receive the corresponding information of the down filling by scanning the QR code. Clients are therefore able to learn the characters of the down filling and its place of origin. The major information frame includes: the serial number, the basic parameters, the product series, introduction of the species, the custom clearance form, the certificate of origin, introduction of the farm, the test report, the introduction leaflet of the product and the daily maintenance tips of finished down products.


International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB)

Founded in 1953, the International Down and Feather Bureau (IDFB) is the global trade association of the down and feather industry (processors of raw material and/or producers of finished articles, filled with down and feathers), and of independent testing institutes for down and feather filling material around the world. IDFB is a “none for profit organization” registered in Germany, all industry members who serve and make contributions in their various capacities do so on a voluntary basis. IDFB members are from 32 Countries representing all the producing, manufacturing, and consuming Markets trading in Down and Feather material, Down Bedding Products, and Down Jackets. IDFB is the organization where all the industry stakeholders from around the world work together to solve problems and accomplish common goals for the common good of down & feather industry. 




In order to be in line with the Samsung slogan “Elevating the down culture, initiating the healthy sleep”, Samsung Down never fails its original aspiration and mission. In order to extend its ingenuity spirits since 1988, it takes several years’ preparation to launch the first down museum in the world, also known as “Samsung Down Museum”. The museum is located in Nantong, the home textile city, and has officially started its operation since 16th December 2017, with the theme being “Explore the down, Discover the future”.

The floor area of Samsung Down is around 1100 sqm, including Down Culture Theme Pavilion, Global Intelligent Fabricate Pavilion, Ingenuity Fabricate Pavilion, Down Bedding R&D Center. Massive down & feather research materials, pictures, books, specimens, and cultural relics are displayed in the museum. With advantages such as adequate data collections, aesthetics designs and contemporary decorations, the museum has attracted numerous global visitors including down practitioners and fans, receiving a huge volume of compliments.

Samsung Down Museum emphasizes the dynamic synthesis of cultural value and service functions and interpreting the richness and smoothness of the down & feather world at the same time. It conveys that Samsung staff will develop the future of the down bedding products by their wisdom and creativity.

The past is a gift to present. As a carrier of down history inheritance and a guardian of down & feather industry order, Samsung Down Museum has integrated resources from all parties. It is a multi-functional industrial museum with advantages such as science popularity and immediate personal experience. The existence of the museum will let visitors have the chance to encounter the down & feather world, choosing their personal bedding products, improving their sleep quality.







Zhejiang Samsung Down Co., Ltd is established in 1988, located in Hangzhou Xiaoshan, the world-famous down & feather industry center. After 30 years of accumulations and self-development, it has become a world-renowned manufacturer, a leading enterprise in the superior down & feather filling and bedding industry.

Samsung Down is one of the first certified national high-tech enterprises in down & feather industry. It has a world-famous reputation in the industry: Supervisory Board member of International Down & Feather Bureau (IDFB); Public Relation Committee member of IDFB; Technical Commission member of IDFB; Vice president and merit enterprise of China Feather & Down Industrial Association; China QB down standard drafter; Vice-chairman enterprise of Zhejiang Down Industrial Association. Samsung Down sticks to its vision “TO BE UNIQUE”, upholding its ingenuity spirits. Until now, it has acquired 5 international certifications, 7 enterprise standards, 1 group standard (Made in Zhejiang), 72 patents and more than 155 registered trademarks.